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SMS payment Worldwide Free Setup Mobile Micro Payments

Accepting micropayments by SMS mobile phones is the easiest way for you grow your business without any significant marketing investment and with easy development.

Time to time we can offer a better Percentage % for the SMS payments.

Create revenue-generating SMS micro payment services

Accept mobile payments
In less than 5 minutes!
No startup fee. No monthly fee.
No startup fee, no monthly fee, no technical skills required.

We provide you with professional analytics tools to track and optimize all your SMS transactions.

Via PayPal or Wire Transfer

Great World wide SMS mobile payment Coverage!

Our SMS micro payment covers many mobile networks in different countries.

Great coverage without any setup or monthly fees. See also our high payouts per country.

Start charging payouts now on your site:

Donations, Online gaming, Digital downloads, Site access, Checkout, Auction and Classifieds sites, Forums, Dating sites, Blogs and so on.

Into your website so easy to setup.
Our API can be easily integrated into your website without any programming skills.

We also provide several modules for any kind of web sites and you can use for free.

PayGol Mobile Payments
Coverage & Payouts in more than 70 countries
Together with our carrier partners, we reaches over 1.6 billion consumers in more than 70 

countries around the World.

That’s a huge number of people who is willing to pay using their mobile phones.
In most countries we can cover all carriers with different prices you can charge your customers.
You can select the end-user price that works best for your product or service.

Control Panel

From your SMS Micro Payment Control Panel you will be able to create your Services, look Statics and much more.


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