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It's ALL about value adding. If I were to actually take a moment out of my busy day, and experience your Web endeavor for the first time... 

“The challenge you face is that people don’t care about you. They care about themselves, which is pretty natural.”- Seth Godin

What is my very first impression, visually, of your site?

Are you using obnoxious/psychotic color schemes, hard-to-read fonts and/or multi-media over-load...Or, is your page clean, crisp and completely devoid of truly unnecessary noise and clutter?

Is your color/font scheme aesthetically pleasing to the eye?

Does your layout represent single-focus, which a clear and definitive call to action?

What real value are you actually adding to me?

Does the amount of value {you seek to add to me} inspire me to naturally share your Web site with others, based on simple excellence?

Can you actively pinpoint each of the viral techniques both present, and missing, in each of your Web endeavors?

This one Principle, alone- if mastered with passion and zeal- will conservatively increase your base-rate chances of outstanding success by at least double.

Do NOT, for love of all that is precious in your life, promote something that you are not whole-heartedly sold on- as the end-user: 

failure is a statistical certainty waiting to happen.

Thousands of books have been written on the subject and more are being manufactured daily...
 A subject that most people have a difficult time- at best- to actually sit down and learn just the fundamentals of. And with good reason...it's Real Work.

However, you will be simply astounded -if not outright floored- when you pay your Due Diligence and see just how much per hour top Sales Copy writers are thoroughly enjoying-
And they can easily command these prices because the amount of people that actually can write juicy, hypnotic copy are very far and exceptionally few in between...

People like Henry Gold, Brett McFall and Alex Mandossian. Is yours up to snuff?
Remember the Great Internet Marketing Caveat: Your Web, sales, and autoresponder.

Why? There's a whole lot of it out there that comes across as just plain cheesy. Pay your due diligence and start your own private swap file of both on and off line ads/sales that:
Totally grabs you, or...Leaves you with the impression that a chimpanzee would most likely have created a better ad or superior sales copy!

The former is to inspire you to write your own compelling sales copy [not to plagiarize, of course]...while the latter is to inspire youto see all advertising in a whole new light...
Whether it be radio, TV, Web, etc.
Specifically- how you would make a bad ad or sales copy compelling; and really compelling sales/JV copy or ads irresistible. Take some time each and every day to gain further mastery in copy writing. In as few as a few short months- even weeks-

You'll find yourself able to quickly and easily adapt to [and emulate] quite a number of different writing styles and 'voices'. Furthermore, you will start to naturally pick ads and copy apart and 'rebuild' them...almost subconsciously.

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