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50 Simple Ways To Build A Profitable Email List Faster

Are you Struggling to build a profitable list?

Here are Speed List Building Secrets, 50 Easy Ways To Build Your List Faster

 First an Introduction to List Building

The “money is in the list”. The old adage is true and will remain so for quite some time.
Email marketing still holds the #1 spot as about the most profitable methods of online
marketing. So if you’re not building a list, you’re missing out on earning reliable
and simple profits online.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or promoting, a list of names and emails of
prospects is an essential marketing resource. It creates a community of people
who understand your business and have an interest in it. And it allows you to
easily and profitably communicate with this inner circle on a daily basis.

If you’ve been trying to build a list but have failed, get your 

Free account on an autoresponder site
and start building a real lists! Once you’ve got subscribers you
can communicate with daily, and your business will thrive.

If you’re already into list building and doing it while branding yourself, but find it unresponsive, or too small, then begin driving more traffic to grow your list bigger
then start cultivating your readers so your list trusts you, which is the key to being
a profitable email marketer.

In this write up, I reveal 50 different powerful ways in which you can build a bigger
profitable email list. My hope is that you will settle on at least a handful of these
techniques; and put them to work immediately. If you can do that, you will see
your list grow rapidly in both size and responsiveness. 

If you’re still looking for more, I recommend you take a List Building course. It is
perfect for beginners who want to start their own list building machine and also
for the more advanced who want to build a more profitable list.

1. Do Ad Swaps with other marketers in your industry

If you haven’t heard of ad swaps before, the concept is quite intuitive: in
exchange for incorporating someone’s ad into your mailing, they agree to do the
same for you. T ypically, this is either done with someone in the same industry or
in a related, but non-competing industry.

If done correctly, ad swaps can be both easy and prof itable. You can initiate one
by first looking for high traffic sites in your niche and in related niches. As you
find them, start signing up for their respective newsletters. Monitor the content
and decide whether or not it would be a good idea for your id ea.

Once you have made the call, contact the list owner and initiate the swap. Let

him or her know that you’re a subscriber on his/her list; and then tell him/her all

about your own list and your proposed idea.

Use this technique every 2-3 weeks and you should see your subscriptions climb
rapidly over time.

2. Join Safelist networks

A safelist is a list of email addresses of individuals who have agreed to receive
emails from other individuals on the list. By joining safelists, you can gain access
to a large group of individuals who may be interested in joining your list.

Of course, as with any other marketing technique, when a particular medium is
saturated with ads, the responsiveness to any one of those ads will fall. For this
reason, expect your pitches to get relatively small responses.

With that said, if you join enough relevant lists and make your pitches periodically
(to avoid the appearance of being a spammer), then you should have no problem
picking up quite a few good leads from this strategy.

There are thousands of Saf elists that are free to join and then there are some
which cost. If you buy ads, you can send ads without receiving them. Google
"safelist ads" to find a heap of safelists.

3. Place an opt-in form on your blog (right Below this Blog)

Another good way to get subscribers is to simply put an opt-in f orm on your blog.

You can only do this if you have a blog already. If you don't have a blog, I highly
recommend you get yourself a Blogger or wordpress blog. It's easy to set up on your own
website with just a few clicks.

Then putting an opt-in form on it is a piece of cake with Aweber's plugin
especially made for W ordpress or the feedburner opt-in form on Blogger. You'll need to have an Aweber account for the
plugin to work, but setting it up is a piece of cake.

If people like reading your blog content and find themselves coming back to read
more, they may decide to opt-in to your email newsletter, too, so make sure your
blog posts keep readers interested.

4. Create a Facebook fanpage (facebook.com/Ayojideonline)

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt seen countless “fanpages” for various
businesses and just about everything else.

Virtually all businesses that wish to have a social media presence have a FaceBook fan
page. This is a practice you should adopt, too, if you want to develop a social
media presence and use it to generate a list of subscribers.

In short, setting up a Facebook fanpage is not very different from setting up a
profile. Facebook makes it very simple.

Just remember to incorporate all of the relevant information about your business
on the page, along with links to your list sign up page and to other various web
pages of yours. Also, consider giving people who “like” your fanpage extra
freebies, discounts or coupons for various products.

5. Use banner advertising

Banner advertising has long been a mainstay of webmasters. It can be very
profitable if you spend the time to
1) create a good banner; and
2) find the right networks to place them on; and
3) target the right crowd with them.

To get a good banner made, consider spending $10 to $30 on www.Elance.com
or go to http://99designs.com/ for a designer.

When you have your banner design, place it in a rotating exchange (you add
your banner and then put the code for other banners to show on your own site),
 you might want to consider purchasing banner ad space one of the
following two sites: http://www.bannergarage.com/ or http://buysellads.com

6. Create viral videos

When it comes to enticing people to join your mailing list, another good avenue
you can take is to create video content and use it to promote your site.

For example, you can create a series of instructional "how to" or tips videos for
something related to your niche and include them as c ontent that will be available
to newsletter subscribers.

Furthermore, you can build up the value of this method further by providing a
couple free examples of these videos on YouTube and elsewhere.

Remember, when making videos for YouT ube, make sure you mention your
website and offer and/or have your website name watermarked in your video.
Also add a clickable link in the video description.

YouTube Bully 2 will lead you by the hand and show you how to turn simple
videos into profit pulling machines.

7. Be a guest on teleseminars/webinars

Doing Online live webinars and ‘hangouts’
are other promising ways in which you can
generate list subscribers.

Approach a few marketers who already do hangouts and webinars and offer to
be a guest speaker. Then pick a date for the event with your Joint Venture partner (ideally,
in the evening, when most of your market audience will be free) to discuss your
area of expertise. You might find this intimidating at first, but after you do it for a
while, it will become easier and more natural.

You can use GoT oMeeting (http://www.gotomeeting.com) to host your own
webinars which is a paid service but the most popular pick f or webinar marketers.

Another popular option these days is Google Hangouts which is totally free!


Of course, bef ore you do the call, you should spend some time to plan out the

content. Make sure that you know what you’re going to say and how you’re going

to say it. During the call and at the end of the call, make explicit pitches for
people to join your mailing list (and explain how it is even free to start with).

While you might think that hosting teleseminars is the slow path to gaining
subscribers, keep in mind that these new subscribers are much more likely to be
active than your others. They will feel a personal connection with you —having
talked to you (or at least heard your voice) over the phone. This can easily
translate into much more sales per person that your average prospect.

Then when you have grown your list, have the JV be a guest speaker on your
own teleseminar so you can help him in return.

8. Set up joint ventures (JVs)

A powerful way in which you can generate list subscribers is to setup joint
ventures (JVs). A JV involves teaming up with other marketer(s) and working
together to produce a business deal.

In your case, you’ll be making some sort of exchange related to list building. For instance, you might consider creating a product or writing a sales letter for which you will share the revenues; and your partner may in turn agree to do all of the relevant list-building activities and promote one of your websites.

The method above in #7 about being a teleseminar guest is a f orm of a joint venture.

9. Run an affiliate program

You may be familiar with Affiliate marketing, but this time, instead of you being
the affiliate, turn the tables and get affiliates building your list.

The best way is to use a site like JZvoo or Zaxaa which will let you sell your
products from their site and incorporate an aff iliate program with it.

Offer a commission to your affiliates f or sales of the upsell off er they generate
and they will be happy to promote your free off er in hopes to get a sale of the

If you sell your ebooks via another channel (not on your own site) such as on
Amazon's kindle store, make sure you insert links within the pages that suggest
the readers sign-up f or your newsletter. Affiliates can still promote and sell it f or a
nice commission. They’ll make money; and you’ll get subscribers.

10. Pay for leads

Rather than indirectly using affiliate sales or blogging to generate subscriptions,
you could also consider paying directly for ref errals. You can do this by either

purchasing leads formally; or by seeking out webmasters who are willing to divert
traffic to your site. I.E. solo ads.

Of course, if you wish to do the latter, you will have to setup a transparent
system, so that your offer appears believable. In particular, you will have to setup
an easy-to-check traffic counter that allows your referrers to check how much
traffic you received from them. You will also usually need to pay an attractive
price for the ref errals you receive.

11. Add a picture to your landing page

One way in which you can increase the number of subscriptions you get is to
increase your conversion rate. And an old trick for doing this is to make your
landing page more personal. For starters, add an image of your signature.

And furthermore, you will want to consider including a picture of yourself on the
page somewhere. Just little things to improve the conversion rate can see you
receiving twice as many subscribers with the same traffic.

12. Split test landing pages

Another important part of generating subscribers is testing your existing system.
If your existing system does a poor job of converting, then it needs to be

improved. You can do this by a process call “split testing.” This involves sending

identical traffic streams (perhaps generated by Google AdW ords) to different
landing pages.

Things to test are headlines, length of page, introduction, call to action, opt-in
button text, p.s., images (with and without) , colors, etc.

You can then test which landing page generates a higher conversion rate; and
can adopt that exclusively for future use.

13. Create a squeeze page

If you don’t already have one, it is critical that you build a squeeze page, which is
specifically used to capture email addresses for your list.

A squeeze page is a short 'pitch' page with very short copy--or, more than likely,
a headline with just a few bullet points. After the copy, include your signature and
a box for visitors to enter a name and email address. Keep distractions minimal;
and attempt to build the strongest pull for your newsletter using the fewest words.

The best way to get a nice looking squeeze page is to use a template. There are
free squeeze pages available as well as rebrandable ebooks to give away.

Of course, just having a squeeze page doesn’t mean anyone will see it. You

have to get traffic to it and the excellent Easy Squeeze Page Traffic will help you
overcome that particular hurdle.

14. Use Google AdWords to generate traffic

As mentioned earlier, one good way to generate prospects for your list is to
advertise using Google AdWords: http://www.adwords.com. If you’re not familiar
with AdW ords, it is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising medium.

That is, you create a text ad, select relevan t keywords for it, and then pay only
when someone clicks on your ad. In general, it is considered to be better targeted
and more cost-effective than other sources of paid traffic generation.

With this said, using Google AdW ords can be expensive. If you're a beginner,
you might want to study it very hard or hire an expert to manage your campaigns
for you.

It's effective when you make an ROI (return on investment) so it calls for a fair bit
of split testing of ads and landing pages, and revising campaigns .

15. Give Away Free ebooks

Often, getting people to join a list is as simple as providing them with the right
incentives. If you simply tell people to join the list because the email content will
be good, they won’t know whether or not to trust you and usually, they don't want
to wait to get your emails. However, if you provide them with a free ebook that
they get right after signing-up, they’ll be much more likely to join.

Now, you might think “Won’t they just cancel their subscriptions after joining?”

And, in reality, some of them well. Your focus should be to draw people in,
expose them to your content, and then attempt to convert them by impressing
them with your information.

But first, you need a good incentive to get them to join your list when they first
come into contact with your web site.

16. Free reports

Similar to giving away free ebooks, give away free downloadable reports. These
are often shorter than ebooks and provide a more specific explanation on a topic.

I personally suggest targeting a specific theme or creating a “how-to” report on a
timely topic.

Just like ebooks, you can create a simple report in Microsoft W ord or Open Office
and convert it to a PDF file. Upload it to your website and link to it from your
download page.

Get the subscriber to opt-in at the squeeze page and then re-direct them to the
thankyou page after they sign up or confirm their email address. I prefer the latter
method. When you join Squeeze Kits Automated List Profits you get free reports
each month as the part of your membership content.

17. Add content to your site

When it comes to generating subscriptions, one of the most important things you
can do is to put your subscription form in places that receive traffic. e.g. your
website or blog.

The more content you add to your site or blog, the more readers will come and
will want to learn more (if the content is good) so they will join your list.

To get content, you can write it yourself, or you could hire a writer from
http://www.elance.com to produce several articles based around relevant
keywords/topics for your site. You could then add those articles to your site with
a subscription form either in the margins, in the middle of the content, or in a popover

The more articles you ad, the more traffic you will generate, and the more
opportunities you will have to generate subscriptions.

18. Keep customer information private

One thing that visitors dread is that you will resell their name and email to a third
party; or will use it to spam.

This is why it is important that you include a note below your opt-in f orm that
explains that you will never sell subscriber inf ormation—and you will never spam
people who join your list. This should help to increase your conversion rates and
lower unsubscribe rates.

19. Reward subscribers unexpectedly

While getting more subscribers from external sources is an important part of
keeping your list active and growing, energizing your existing members and
giving them a reason to promote and share your website will help you build your
list with little effort.

One way in which you can do internal promotion is to reward your subscribers
unexpectedly with a free ebook, informative article or special video.

When they receive some product or service that they weren’t expecting to get,

they will be pleasantly surprised and will be happy to share it. You can also
suggest they share your newsletter sign up page or re-publish your article or

This can potentially becomes free viral promotion for your list. It also keeps your
list active and unsubscribe rates down.

20. Promote high-value products and services

In many cases, the most important thing you can do as a busines s owner is to
provide and promote high-value products and services. That is, whenever you
sell your own products in your newsletter or whenever you refer people to affiliate
products (or JV partners’ products), make sure they are good and offer value.

If you gain a reputation f or promoting every new product about "how to make
money" -not caring whether or not it's even a good product—you’ll quickly lose
rapport with your list; and, as a result, you can expect them to stop reading your
emails and making additional purchases. Ultimately, they will unsubscribe.

21. Buy ezine solo ads

Ezines off er a wide variety of different advertising options, but most of them
amount to taking up a small portion of the total ezine. In the case of an ezine solo
ad, you actually purchase the rights to all of the content in a single mailing.

Now, you might be tempted to rush to the closest ezine solo ad broker, buy up a
bunch of solo ads, and then send off the first mailer you can draft, but this is
definitely not the best approach. And, in fact, most who do it ultimately end up
getting almost no traffic.

So, instead of doing this, here’s what I suggest: start by finding a copywriter.
Since you’ll be writing a short solo ad, it won’t cost much (in, comparison, say to
15 pages of long copy). Working with your copywriter, come up with a great deal
to offer readers; and an accompanying great piece of copy.

Once you have your copy in hand, begin methodically seeking out good ezine
matches. Start by subscribing to relevant ezines, and taking notes on the content
style. For instance, is it typically loaded with ads? And how frequently does it
send solo ads? And finally, is the content typically good?

Answering all of these questions is an important part of selecting your ezines.
Once you have done this and have made your choices, either proceed with a
purchase (if the option is available) or contact the list owner to see if he/she is
willing to allow you to purchase a solo ad.

As a final word, I personally suggest that you run only one ad at a time, wait for
the results, and then decide whether to proceed with the next ezine solo ad

Again, Google has a huge list of ezines that sell advertising space and solo ads.
Search for "ezine solo ads" or "ezine ads" to find them.

22. Cross-promote with banners

If you don’t have a lot of resources to sink into expensive forms of advertising,

cross-promotion may be your best option.

Simply put, cross-promotion involves finding other webmasters or list owners;
and forming an agreement to promote each other’s sites to your own visitors.

Say you agree to puts banners that promote each other's websites on your
thankyou pages. Then your new subscribers can join your JV's list and vise

In addition to an inf ormal arrangement like this, there are also more formal ways
to exchange ads.

For instance, there are banner exchanges, http://www.neobanners.com/, which
gives you promotion credits to go towards your banner displays whenever you
promote someone else's (via a banner they add to the system).

In general, cross-promotion provides an inexpensive alternative to other methods
of list advertising.

If you're in the "internet marketing niche" traffic exchanges like
http://startmytraffic.com are great places to exchange ads and traffic for free or
little cost. StartMyTraffic has a built in banner and text ad exchange system.

23. Keep your opt-in form 'above the fold'

Getting subscriptions isn’t simply a matter of sending thousands of visitors to
your site. It involves both traffic generation and conversion strategies.

One such strategy is to place your opt-in form above the “fold”—or the imaginary
line that separates the content that visitors will see when the page loads from the
content that they won’t see, that is further down the page.

Whenever the opt-in f orm (and your pitch) is placed above the fold, visitors are
more likely to see it before leaving the page; and are subsequently more likely to
use the form to subscribe to your list and get your free incentive.

24. Ask for and offer guest articles

Another strategy f or keeping your list active, energized, and interested in
spreading the word is to periodically get guest posts for your newsletter and offer
to write for other marketers' newsletters.

You can select prominent individuals from your niche or outsiders who have
relevant inf ormation. W hatever you do, make it sure it's a win-win-win situation,
like all JVs should be. Good content, and a reciprocal event between you and JV

Keep the information relative, interesting and engaging; and it will make your
newsletter readers want to stay and look forward to getting more. If it's really
good, they may post the article to their site (if you give permission) which can
bring you more traffic and subscribers.

25. Run or participate in a JV give-away

Running a product give-away is an excellent way to generate attention, improve
your relationship JV partners, and gain new subscribers.

A JV giveaway is where many marketers contribute a free gift at one website and
everyone promotes that one website and marketers share the sign ups. Running
a JV giveaway is a pretty big project but the rewards can make it pay off.

First, you'll need to get a website up where the giveaway will be held. There are
several website scripts that have been developed especially to run these JV
giveaway events.

Here is a simple Plugin that works with W ordpress that allows you to run your
own JV giveaway. You can purchase the plugin with a one-time f ee and use it

unlimited websites. It’s really easy to use and the results you get from using is

will pay for itself many times over.

Once you have your site going, you will need to find some marketers in your
industry who have a product they can add to the giveaway.

The more JVs you can get on board, the better your giveaway will go. But the
real success comes when everyone promotes the giveaway. Make sure there is
enough incentive for all who participate to promote the event.

For starters, the easier way to benefit from JV giveaways is to just be a
contributor and add your free gift. There are new JV giveaways running all the
time so keep a look out for JV invites for them or find them by searching Google.

But when you think you're ready for it, run your own giveaway as the benefits f or
running one are many times greater than for just the contributors.

26. Word of mouth advertising

While paid advertising and formal cross-promotional methods are an excellent
way to boost subscriptions, inf ormal word of mouth advertising is often the
lifeblood of both small and large businesses. And when you start building your
list, you can encourage your subscribers to tell their friends about you.

How can you do this? First, make sure your content is worth sharing. Ask
yourself would you want to share this with your friends?

Next, suggest that they promote your newsletter or website; and give them
incentives to promote your list. i.e. a free product, cash or prizes.

If you want to improve the chances of a good outcome, you might consider
sending people through “tell-a-friend” system in order to automate it and make it
easy, and also to deliver access to a product download page. 

With social marketing dominating the web these days, it's easier to share
content than ever before. Put a Re-Tweet button and a Facebook like button on
your web page f or your readers to click and share.

27. Ask your readers to forward good emails

Every few emails, suggest and allow your readers to f orward your newsletters
that they like to friends. Additionally, make sure that these emails contain links
people can use to subscribe to your list.

If your readers like the email, and forward it to friends as a result, then you may
easily be able to pick up some extra readers without putting in much additional

28. Use 'Thank You' pages effectively

Another good way to build subscriber rapport —and this word of mouth
advertisement—is to send new subscribers to a “thank you” page after
subscribing to your list.

Usually, you would have the download link of the free report or info you off ered
on the front squeeze page, but it's a good idea to have additional freebies to
show you are by 'over-delivering'.

This page might contain free unadvertised bonuses, such as reports, audio
content, and video content. Reaping this unexpected windfall of benefits for

simply subscribing will encourage your new subscribers to pay you back via

And having a tell-a-freind form or Re-Tweet button or Facebook button will make
it easy for them to share.

29. Add more subscription forms

In general, adding more subscription forms to your sites gives visitors more
pathways through which they can find your list and join it.

So take some time to work through your sites and decide where you can add
new subscription forms. To save time, you might think of adding it in the same
place on each page (i.e. on the right margin).

If there is no place suitable, you could have a pop-up or slide in window with your
optin form in it. If you use a Wordpress blog, there are several plugins that will do

30. Eliminate barriers to signing up

In many cases, we c an make it difficult or confusing for visitors to become
subscribers. Through complicated or long forms, poorly-written instructions, or
misplacement of the sign-up form, we make it harder for people to subscribe.

Remember: when it comes to list-building (or any other type of marketing), simple
is best. So keep it simple and concentrate on getting all of your visitors to

become list members. Once they’re on your list, let them decide whether or not

they want to stay, and whether or not they want to buy.

31. Offer free examples
Before someone signs up f or a list, they will want to have at least a rough idea of

what they’re getting themselves into. That is, they will want to know if they’re
signing up to be spammed legally; or whether they’re going to get regular, high-
quality, inspiring content that makes a positive contribution to their lives.

One way you can help to remove the doubt that people might have about your list
is to give them free examples. For instance, you might consider creating a video
that is freely viewable and at then ask them to opt-in f or the next video.

Another idea is to have an archive of all of your past newsletters or ebooks freely
accessible. Visitors can then browse this archive to see how frequently you pitch
products, how frequently you provide good advice, free products, and how good
the quality of your content is.

32. Setup Joint Ventures with other list owners
As I mentioned earlier, cross-promotional methods are some of the least
expensive ways to promote your business. And while they might take a while to
take full effect, they can often generate tremendous results that will massively
grow your list.

One particular type of cross-promotion is a cross-list joint venture partnership.
This typically involves identif ying a number of list owners who might be able to
provide some type of joint venture partnership value. Below, I’ve included some
of the possible cross-list JV partnerships you might consider:

i. Product Partnership
Very frequently, two partners will collaborate on the creation of a single product,
which they will then promote to their own lists and to others. At first, you might
see this as a means to sell products, not grow your list, but think again!

When your partner promotes the product to his or her list, your name and your
site will now be associated with him/her. This will immediately endow you with
the trust of his/her readers, which is something that could otherwise take you
years to gain.

With these types of partnerships, more is almost always good. As long as you
have enough time to manage each of your p artnerships, adding additional
products and promotional events to your calendar will only serve to expand your
influence and gain you subscribers.

ii. Promotional Partnership
Instead of collaborating on the creation of a product, you might consider
collaborating on a joint marketing scheme. That is, rather than simply agreeing to
cross-promote each other on your own lists, you could agree to promote each
other in a more broad sense. This collaboration might involve referring each
other to clients and to individuals in the inner circles of your respective

iii. Specialized Partnerships
Instead of adopting either one of the strategies above, you might consider
adopting a more specialized partnership. That is, you might f ocus on product
creation (and, thus, back-end promotion of your owns site), while your partner
focuses on promotion of the product through his or her list.

This type of partnership arrangement has the potential to provide both profits in
the short run; and, in the long run, back-end subscriptions. However, in general,
it will be hard to maintain unless you have a JV partner who you can trust and
are able to work well with.

33. Allow republishing
Many site owners and list owners see republishing as a process that has the
potential to lower the value of their “unique content.” Unf ortunately, in perceiving
the republishing process this way, they deny themselves the opportunity to grow
their influence and to gain additional subscribers.

In particular, republishing allows list owners to spread access to their content,
gain influence, and encourage new people to join their list.

Furthermore, it is relatively simple to do: whenever you create an article (either in your newsletter or elsewhere), simply include a resource box below (or a header above) that contains information about you, the author and a link to your newsletter.

 You should explain that you allow the content to be republished, provided that it is unaltered and ref erences you.

In addition to simply allowing republishing, you should make proactive attempts to get your articles republished. Seek out relevant sites, and try to get them to consider your content.

Of course, you can use the usual sources, such as http://www.ezinearticles.com to self-publish your articles in a prominent place. However, a better strategy may involve seeking out high-prof ile Internet-based magazines and attempting to get your work featured as a feature article.

34. Add testimonials to your squeeze page

When it comes to getting subscribers, it is always a good idea to try to increase
your conversion rate. W hy? Because it is the quick and easy way to add more
people to your list at a f aster rate without changing your traffic generation
strategies at all.

One way in which you can convert at a higher rate is to add testimonials to your
sales letter or squeeze page. Of course, the central focus should be the opt-in
form; and you should avoid distracting visitors away from it. However, dressing
the margins with testimonials or including them after the opt-in f orm is never a
bad idea. It will build rapport with your visitors and encourage them to trust you
and your list.

How do you get testimonials? Simple. Just ask your current subscribers to send
an email with their testimonial.

Written testimonials are fine, but if your readers are capable, it might not be a
bad idea to include audio or video testimonials. These, of course, are more
difficult, but having them on the site will greatly improve the image that visitors
will develop of you.

35. Add a "tell-a-friend" form to your site

As mentioned in earlier tips, word of mouth advertising very frequently forms the
lifeblood of businesses. It often brings in higher quality prospects, since a close
friend has told them they can trust your business. In short, it is eff ective method
for advertisement.

One way in which you can do this—initiate a word of mouth campaign—is to use
a “tell-a-friend” script, such as this one: http://www.freetellafriend.com/. This
should be available on your website and possibly linked to infrequently in your
mailings. It will give your subscribers a quick way to tell their friends about
something good or interesting you did.

I've already mentioned the re-tweet and Facebook Like buttons, but there is
another cool tool called Pay with a Tweet. Basically, it's like a tell-a-friend f orm
for Twitter. But this works by offering some kind of incentive to "twe et". You can
offer a free report or video and ask them to pay f or it with a tweet.

36. Make a list that you would join and enjoy
To keep your subscribers happy, you need to be providing good content and
communicate with them on their level and keep them active

If you don't share good quality, your list will die off and it will be hard to get
other's to share your content.

So when you start building your list and writing newsletters, ask yourself whether
or not you would sign up for your own list if it wasn’t yours. Try to be as honest as
you can with yourself.

In general, of course, it is difficult to evaluate our own work, and to understand
how others might perceive it. For this reason, it is a good idea to look at old
archives, so that you can feel a sense of distance and unfamiliarity—and
evaluate it from the perspective of an outsider.

Finally, consider comparing your list content with other lists in your niche. Ask
yourself the following questions truthfully about both your own list and competing

i. How frequently does the list advertise?
ii. How much space do advertisements take up?
iii. Are there many solo ads?
iv. Are there high-profile guest writers?
v. Are there interviews with experts in the industry/niche?
vi. How frequently does the list give away reports and ebooks?
vii. How frequently does the list give away audio content and video content?
viii. How personal does the writing feel?
If you feel you can’t answer these items objectively, consider asking a friend for
help. As harsh as it may be to hear someone close to you criticize your work, it’ll
be worth it in the long run when your subscribership rises dramatically through
word of mouth.

37. Create a short e-course

When it comes to build a strong subscriber base, getting new subscribers isn’t

the only thing you should focus on. Rather, retaining and energizing existing
subscribers can be just as important. If they become inactive or leave your list,

you’ll have to cover that outflow with even more subscribers.

So what can you do? My suggestion is that you introduce new members to your
list with a short e-course. That is, rather than simply adding them and then
contacting them with the same material you sent to other members, including
advertisements and other items that might turn off new subscribers, give them a
pre-made course.

Not only will the course make the individuals gain some value from subscribing
(and, thus, build rapport), but it will also give them a chance to get to know you
and your business better. Through the course, they can learn what you’re all
about, and it will make them less anxious about buying from you and from
following your content.

In short, creating an e-course to buffer new members from the normal flow of
advertisements and ad hoc newsletter items can go a long way in building a
connection between you and your readers; and ensuring that they won’t drop off
the list.

38. Design a good " Fishing hook"

When it comes to marketing, hooks are important. This is doubly true wen you're
trying to 'pitch' your list from your squeeze page.

If there isn’t some clear, defining feature or benefit that your list provides that
others do not, then you’ll be passed over. W hy sign up to be bombarded by

mediocre content when a visitor can simply leave the page, and search Google
for something better?

So spend some time designing a hook. Think about how will you separate
yourself from other sites. W ill you be the fastest to spot and comment on trends
in your niche? W ill you provide slow-to-react, but thoughtful and expansive
commentary on important happenings in your niche? Or will you be the first to
test new products and services and to incorporate reviews of them into your

Whatever you do, make sure you can claim to do something unique that people
just can't get anywhere else. If you truly have important features that separate

you from the other list owners in your niche, then your visitors should know about

them when they’re deciding whether or not to subscribe.

39. Continuously improve your content

Many people approach the maintenance and growth of their business in an ad

hoc way: from time to time, they’ll decide that it is time to “revamp” everything or
to make major changes. However, in many situations, this simply isn’t the best
policy—especially when it comes to maintaining a list.

Rather, you should consider adopting a more active approach. On a daily basis,
think about what you could be changing to improve your content.

Solicit feedback from readers; and try to use it constructively.

Thinking about and making changes for the better will improve your readership’s
experience; and will ultimately help you through word of mouth advertising and
reduced subscription cancellations.

40. Reduce the amount of ads on your site

If your website is currently inundated with ads, consider cutting away some of the
clutter and f ocusing on what is most important: your opt-in f orm.

While you might be going f or direct sales or affiliate commissions—since it gets
you the cash today—most sales are made on the 5, 6, or 7th contact, so step
back and think about the long term.

Build a list first then you can off er them the product. Make capturing names and
emails the top priority of your website. That's why squeeze pages work so well.

But if you don't want a squeeze page and want to share content, minimiz e
'outgoing' ads or replace them with opt-in forms.

So, today, start by thinking about how to adjust your site. Get rid of blocks of ads,
banners, and other distractions, and replace them with subscription forms, sales
copy, and other tools for generating subscribers. In the long run, when you’re
making sale after sale to the same people, you will be glad you didn’t throw

everything away f or a single click or direct sale.

41. Add a pop-up to your website

If you're not using a squeeze page, then a pop -up ad with your opt-in form in it is
the next best thing.

Some people believe that pop-up ads have fallen out of fashion. In fact, many
browsers come pre-loaded to block certain categories of pop-ups, so many
believe that pop-up ads can no longer be effective.

However, this belief couldn’t be less true. Many sites are using variations on popup
ads (hover-over or fly-ins) that aren’t typically blocked and can do an excellent
job of generating subscriptions.

There are several free pop-up scripts that you can use with any type of website
(static HTML, Blogger, PHP, Wordpress etc). Just Google "free pop-up script" or
"unblockable popups" and see the results.

On a slightly different tangent, there is the "exit pop up". This is good to use on
any type of website including squeeze pages and especially sales pages.

It will show a pop-up ad to your visitors when they try to leave your site. The best
way to use this is to direct them to a squeeze page bef ore they leave your site

There are many on the market, but by far the best one I have seen is the Exit
Splash script. It is used by hundreds of internet marketers because it is unblockable,
it's easy to use and it works like magic to save the traffic and turn
them into subscribers.

42. Improve your email subject lines
It is easy to spend all your time searching out more subscribers and paying more
for new traffic, rather than focusing on existing subscribers.

Writing better email subject lines will draw more views, re-energize existing list
members, and generate more clicks on links to off ers and other pages you want
to share.

I suggest using one or more of the following tricks to improve your email headers:

i. Personalize the subject line. Use special tags that your autoresponder
gives you to automatically insert your readers' names into the email
header. Aweber's autoresponder system has a handful of these special
tags that you can use for personalization. Tests have shown that
personalized subject lines with the reader's name gets 3 times more
opens than without the name.

ii. Avoid spam filter trigger words. Email's worst enemy is the spam filter and
using some words can trigger the filter and trap your emails. Avoid using
words like “free” and “$$$” and “guarantee”. These may work well as
psychological triggers in sales letters, but when it comes to email
headers, you should use them more carefully. Here is a big list of words
that you should avoid to stay out of the spam box.

iii. Split test different subject lines. If you are running a new campaign or
setting up a follow-up sequence, you should test subject lines to see
which one gets the better response. T he body of the email can stay the
same or not, it's up to you. Again, Aweber's service allows you to set up
split testing with your email marketing.

In general, finding ways to boost your email opening rate will tend to help you
retain and re-activate subscribers and turn them into customers. This will mean
that you can generate more profits with the subscribers you already have, rather
than aggressively promoting your website, only to ultimately lose those
subscribers to an ineffective system for subscriber retention.

43. Retain your subscribers

As mentioned previously, subscriber retention is a critical component of
generating and maintaining a strong list. W hen thinking about your list, remember
it's easier to keep subscribers than to generate new ones.

That is, think about the difference between your losses and gains. If you can
simply retain an additional 50 subscribers per week, that is no different than
gaining at least 50 subscribers a week.

So, when designing your follow-up series and promotions, keep this in mind.
Think not only about generating more traffic, but about retaining your existing
subscribers. Give them incentives to stick with you, be engaged, and to promote
your list to others when given the chance. In short, concentrate just as much
effort on retaining and energizing subscribers as you do finding new ones.

44. Use viral ebooks

Viral ebooks is one of my favorite methods of generating free subscribers.

You can turn any ebook or report you have already or are planning to write into a
viral traffic and list building machine easily.

There are several ways in which you can do this, but I personally suggest the
following approach:

i. You'll need an ebook or report on a popular subject in your niche. It needs
to be good enough that people will want to read all the way through it.
You can write it yourself or hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. You may
also want to design an ecover f or it.

ii. You can find a writer and a graphic designer on http://www.elance.com or
on http://fiverr.com. Contract them to complete the book for you,
according to the outline you’ve designed. Work with both the writer and
graphic designer to ensure that the project turns out according to plan.

iii. Insert links throughout the ebook that go to recommended resources
(affiliate links) and related web pages, but most importantly, point to
your sign up page. 

Don’t add so many links that it delegitimizes the
book, but instead enhances it. Additionally, include links to free
products on your site that are related to the material, so that you can
send people to more locations where they are likely to subscribe to
your list.

iv. State in the early stages of the book that the reader has "free giveaway
rights" to your ebook. This will ensure that it can potentially circulate all
over the web. You can also consider giving people the right to resell it,
which will give him or her an even stronger incentive to circulate the
book but f or a bigger spread, free giveaway rights will work better .

v. Contact other list owners and offer them to share your viral ebook. Allow
them to give it away to their respective lists for free. In many cases,
these list owners will be hungry for free content. And, if it is good, they
will snap it up and give it to their subscribers.
That is the basis of creating viral ebooks. However, to make a viral ebook really
take off, you should make it rebrandable also!

This will let your readers rebrand the links inside the ebook with their own affiliate
links and links to their website. This will give them more incentive to share the
ebook because they have the chance of building their list too and making m oney
through the recommendations throughout the ebook.

use the Easy Viral PDF Brander script and experience some amazing success.
 It's one of the easiest scripts to use
and it's dead-easy f or your readers to use it. No complex or annoying software
for them to install. They can do all the rebranding online. If you're going to use
rebrandable ebooks, then Easy Viral PDF Brander is the one to use.

In short, your goal should be to create a high quality ebook, to incorporate links
to your squeeze pages and other recommendations throughout the ebook, and to
let people rebrand it (but leave links to your squeeze page in there) then let them
circulate that ebook to the widest audience possible.

The more people see and pass on the ebook, the better f or all involved. If your
venture is successful, it will pay off for years to come in terms of new subscr ibers
and sales.

45. Podcasting

Podcasting is a great way to reach a different area of your niche on the web and
share your knowledge and tips with them at the same time.

You don't always have to stick with writing reports and ebooks to build your list.

Many list owners have found success in integrating their newsletter into their
website. That is they simply use the newsletter to update their blog or website or
notify subscribers that they have added a new issue to the website.

But using don’t have to stick to text all the time. Instead, you can record an audio
(podcast) and share it on your blog or website to draw traffic and get people to
subscribe to your list.

For one, audio recordings have a higher perceived value over written ebooks. It
takes a while to get comfortable talking to an audience but once you do, you can
start interviewing important people in the industry; and you can then incorporate
them into your newsletter and vice versa (make some JV deals).

To get a really wide scope on your audience, you can upload your podcast to
several podcast directories such as http://www.podomatic.com/login or
submitting to Apple itunes podcast section.

Not only will this generate traffic directly to your site, it can also work as a viral
tool if you provide good and interesting content and encouraging word of mouth
advertising. You can use archived audio interviews as content to convert visit ors
into subscribers.

46. Promote your list on forums

Another great way in which you can promote your list is to post on forums regularly.
You can start by finding a number of forums related to your particular niche. Start
at http://www.big-boards.com/ and browse for related f orums.

As you go, make a list of the URLs and the primary subject matter of the forum. Also, consider how
much traffic and how many subscribers each of these forums have.

Ultimately, your goal should be to select a number of high-traffic, active forums
with many subscribers. You will then want to frequent these forums and post on
them whenever you get the opportunity. Make an overt attempt to be helpful
whenever possible and to demonstrate your expertise.

After you have been a member of the forum for a while, you'll want to add a
signature that promotes your newsletter or your free offer. In addition to providing
the actual link to your subscription page, include a short, 5-10 word pitch that will
entice readers to at least consider clicking the link.

Of course, your efforts shouldn’t stop there. Once you have the signature in place

and have gained a strong reputation, you should continue to cultivate
relationships on those forums, to post regularly, and to gain exposure to many
forum visitors, so that your signature has more chances to be seen.

47. Run a competition

As mentioned before, it is vital that you get your own readers involved in the
promotional process of your site and newsletter . If you already have a large list,
then the potential to grow even larger is higher.

Running a competition is a fun and effective way to build your list with the help of
your current subscribers and your new subscribers.

Not only will it allow you to interact with current subscribers, but get them to bring
in new people, and those new people will bring in new people—thus growing
your list size very large, quickly.

For example, you could run a simple competition on your blog where people who
link back to your site or leave a comment or answer a question can win a prize of
some sort.

The same kind of competition can be run on social media sites with incentives for
sharing your link or web page. You could get people to "like" your f acebook fan
page or "re-tweet" your link with a hashtag and you would pick a random winner.

If you have a special website script that allows you to run competitions, such as a
referral contest, using it would be a very powerful way to build a list.

Whatever you do to encourage your readers to provide ref errals, keep in mind
what it is they want most—whether it be cash, advertising space, or products. If
you can’t offer them what they want or need, then they are unlikely to have an

interest in promoting your list.

48. Know and seek out your target audience

One important part about generating new subscriptions is knowing your audience
and where they hang out online.

If you don’t know who you’re marketing to—that is, the “type” of person who has
an interest in your list and business—then you’ll have both a hard time
persuading them that they should join your list and a hard time finding them.

In short, if you’re not familiar with the “typical” buyer or subscriber in your niche, it

is time to get to know them better. Find out what they want, the problems they
are having etc.

Ways to find out about your audience is to s eek them out on f orums, interact with
them on blogs, join their newsletters, in social marketing groups and do whatever
you can to understand them better.

Once you know where your audience is spending most time online, you can
focus on targeting them there that rather than spreading yourself out thin over
many avenues.

49. Get backlinks to your squeeze page

A backlink is a hyperlink on another web page that points to your web page.
When people click on that link, they end up on your site.

Backlinks can do two things for you.

1) Give you direct traffic by people clicking on the link, and 2) it can boost your
rankings in the search engines, thus resulting in mor e traffic, and more

To get backlinks, you can buy them in bulk at places like http://fiverr.com , but
beware that some backlink packages are quite low in quality and won't do much
for you at all.

You'd be better off going to an expert SEO backlink service or using software like
Traffic Travis yourself to get quality backlinks. Traffic Travis is an all-in-one SEO
software that is easy to use.

For a more easy way to get backlinks, you can post comments on blogs, in
forums and in article resource boxes when you submit articles to directories.

You may want to outsource these tasks as they can be quite repetitive and time

50. Use Offline advertising to build your list

Yes, offline ads do work great f or building your list online. There are a heap of
ways to advertise your website and free offer and direct people to your sign up
-Yellow pages
-Classified newspaper ads
-Magazine ads
-Public notice board ads
-Business cards and other paraphernalia
-Direct response mailing
-Networking at live events/seminars
-Radio station ads
-Hold live events
-Billboard ads
Whenever you advertise offline, just make sure to have a call to action with your
website address clearly visible. For example, "Visit www.xyz.com to get your free
start up kit today! " 

On a Final note, we’ve sifted and gone through a vast array of different strategies you can
employ to gain more subscribers; however, throughout this exercise, we have
seen some common themes repeated.

So where can you go from here? Start by concentrating on building your list first
from now on. Put list building first when it comes to online promotional efforts.

Remember, once you have a list, you can contact them over and over again with
offers, gifts and recommendations, meaning your can sell to them again and
again. But it can become more than just a quick cash generator. Your list can be
your little community of fans that f ollow your advice and recommendations.

If you treat your list well, follow the strategies outlined in this ebook, and work
hard to build and retain subscribers, you’ll find that having a list and sharing great
value off ers to your readers will be more profitable than any other marketing
technique you will likely encounter.

And with that—I leave you to build a list with the methods I've outlined in this
ebook. It may be hard to do all, so start with just one and see what results it
brings you. It's all about trying different things to see what works best. So put
these tips to work, generate some subscribers, and start making sales!

Thanks for reading and best wishes!


Education Roundtable to Set New Benchmarks for Global Learning

The International Education Roundtable is set to deliberate on issues that are pertinent to major learning systems globally. 

The international body, which consists of representatives from countries like the US, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong, is aiming to make education curriculums prepare students to be well educated global citizens of the future. 

The body also recommends recruiting and hiring the best teachers and effectively grooming school leaders. Moreover, the group is also setting measures to gauge and improve impact of information and communication technology on education.

Each year, it is a common knowledge that almost all governments spend billions on improvements and reforms on education. In most cases, such budgets take care of school building construction and renovations. 

Are these measures enough to ensure a good and high-quality level of education? Why are some schools performing much better than the others? Is there a way to address education problems of today?

The International Education Roundtable brings about greater attention to results of current international benchmark tests and reports. 

The group has been responsible for bringing issues about education reform to international platforms from domestic agenda. Thus, the roundtable is presenting a good and viable opportunity for global education ministers to come and merge efforts in discussing topics that are top priorities on everyone’s agenda.

There is a need for different education ministers from all over the world to meet so there would be an effective exchange of ideas.

 Ministers could also raise their own education experiences in their countries, so that they could eventually learn from each other.

 As the cliché goes, people should learn from the mistakes and lessons experienced by others. In this way, innovations could be successfully scaled across a system. They could be adapted and used by others.

The body also aims to identify several other issues and challenges that school systems worldwide are currently facing amid the current economic situation.

 Most participants to the roundtable meeting indicate that they think education is presently remaining as among the most important investments for the future. Such ministers also commit to continuously seek major improvements for their own school systems. These are despite the current economic downturn.

When it comes to education, there are just too many pressing issues. It seems that education is a very challenging subject.

 Most global governments are experiencing difficulties in meeting up and addressing education challenges. It is estimated that about half of total global population of children are still not going to formal schools.

 What are governments to do with such a problem? Surely, such a concern should be addressed by governments not singly but as a collective entity.

The global roundtable for education aims to formally find solutions to pressing education issues. It aims to improve and bolster the current state of education not just in developed nations but also throughout the world. 

There is a need to monitor how institutions and schools perform. For one, coming up with lists of top schools could inspire education institutions to do better. 

Second, more obscure schools could look up to role models. Third, major setbacks and problems could be instantly identified and addressed in a collective manner.

The world should unite when it comes to distracting issues that hound education. People should hope collective efforts like roundtable meetings would not falter.

How To Get Started with Information Products

The first step to creating your own information product is to figure out what people want to know about your niche. 

Think back to when you first started your business, what questions did you have?

Let’s say that you own a business selling floral arrangements created from silk flowers,
here are a few questions that people may want answers to:

• How do I make my own arrangements? 

• Where is the best place to buy the items needed to make them?

• How do I preserve them to last over the years?

• How should they be cleaned?

• How can I start a floral arrangement business?

All these questions can be answered in one information product like an e-book, but they
can also be split up into a few different ones.

You can write an e-book using your business knowledge that will teach other people
how to start their own floral arrangement business.

 You can tell them everything they need to know about how to get started, and even provide them with a bonus resource sheet on where they can buy the best items for the best prices. You can find a free guide

Write a step-by-step e-course and split it up into different lessons that teach people
how to make their own silk floral arrangements. Once you have the course written, the
rest is automated. 

Your visitor can sign up, pay for the course, and your autoresponder will automatically send them the lessons based on the schedule you have set up.

Promote through freebies. If you want to answer the questions about preservation and cleaning, then write up a tip sheet or small report and give it away to people who

sign up for your newsletter. A 5 day e-course is another way to do this, and you will benefit in more than one way.

 First, you’ve captured your visitor and placed them on your mailing list and will be able to promote your business to them, but you’re also promoting your information product within the tip sheet, e-course, or small report that
they are reading.

Are Movie Downloads Costly?

Are you afraid to go out to movie houses just to watch a movie? If you have been scared of the numerous terrorist attacks, it is best to stay at home.

 If not for this reason, movie downloads could still be better if you just want to have instant entertainment wherever you may go, whenever. You could download movies online to your desktop, laptop, handheld, iPod, or other devices.

You should not be afraid about costs. If you think movie downloads are expensive, you could have a point. These days, legal movie download sites are offering files for specific price tags.

 Nothing comes free in this world anymore. To be able to download any movie, you should set aside specific budget for that.

Are movie downloads costly? They could be. As mentioned, nothing is free. No matter how old or how obscure a film is, it still could not be downloaded for free. 

The term ‘costly’ could be relative. What is costly to you could not be costly to another person. Downloads are not for free, but it is still up to you to determine whether costs are reasonable or not.

You could still be practical. The first way to do so is to sign up a membership on one of those movie download Websites out in the Internet.

 Those subscriptions are not free and are often costly. However, they are worth it. There are two options to take. 

First, there are memberships that are less costly but are offering limited movie downloads. Second, more memberships are more expensive but are in turn offering unlimited access and download of files.

To be practical, the unlimited membership is more recommended. This is because you could opt to take as many download as you like. Limited memberships only allow you to download specific number of movies. It could be practical but what if you instantly decide to download more files? It would be more costly to download movies on top of your membership allocations.

Then, there are issues about the computers and software used. You may logically think there is a need to buy more expensive and more powerful PCs. 

In the end, it does not boil down to that. You could buy a cheap brand of computer and still manage to download as many movie files. Just be aware of the PC’s specs and memory capacity.

Do you need to download movies in your iPod but you are afraid it could cost you more? There are now movie download software for iPods that are distributed across the online media for free. There are certain movies that iTunes sell. They could cost some dollars, but in overall, they are still much affordable. You do not have to worry much.

Is it true that affordable downloads are possible if you patronize pirated copies of movies? Yes, it is. But you should take accountability and responsibility for downloading such files. Illegal copies of movies are cheaper, but they are coming in less quality.

 Moreover, you could risk yourself of having illegal downloads, which is punishable by law. Remember, piracy and illegal movie downloads would not proliferate if you would not help make it further flourish. Do not patronize such downloads so you could help the industry curtail such illegal activities.

Compatibility Issues When Choosing Movie Download Sites

Are you into watching movies through the Internet? The market for such services is getting bigger each day. 

That is because as the number of Internet users who do so increases, there is also a growing number of Websites that offer more high-quality downloadable movies. Thus, as a discerning Internet user and movie fanatic, you should always be on guard if you aim to pick and subscribe to the best movie download sites operating in the market.

It is just practical and logical if you aim to choose the best movie download sites. Of course, such sites require memberships, which in turn would require payment of charges. 

When hard-earned money is involved, there is a need for you to make sure you are getting the best. Here are three effective and practical guidelines that would help you choose movie download sites that address different compatibility and screening issues. It would be best if you would find sites with all of these features.

Choose sites that offer DVD-quality movie downloads. Be careful in this regard. There are just too many Websites in operation, and most of them are aiming to topple each other when it comes to persuading and winning members or users.

 Thus, it is not surprising that most of them would claim to offer and provide DVD-quality movie downloads. It is best if you would read reviews and listen to friends’ recommendations first before you take any membership to movie download sites. Sometimes, picture quality is okay, but the sound quality is inferior. It is best to find sites that provide DVD quality in picture and in sound.

Check if the movie download is compatible with PSP, iPod, or other media-playing device. The best sites are those that offer downloads, which are compatible with many formats. These days, there are just too many media playing devices. What you use may not be exactly what is used by most other users. 

Thus, it disappoints if you assume every movie download site is offering files that are compatible with your very own media player. It would take hassles just to convert one format into another. 

Why would you subject yourself to so many troubles when you could directly get memberships to sites that offer movies on your very own format or media player? This is becoming an important standard you should look for when assessing sites you would enlist in.

If you could find a movie download site that would enable you to burn any file to a DVD or a CD, grab it. Do not get to think that you should always limit your movie viewing experience to your desktop or laptop. Movie files that could be burnt into DVD or CD are of course much more recommended.

It would be better if you would be able to free up more space on your very own hard drive. However, it would be very hard to find a movie download site that offers this service. 

This is because most sites are cautious about unauthorized and irresponsible use of CD burning features.

 Everybody wants to fight and curtail piracy these days, so understand that this feature could not be easily offered. If you would be able to find such movie download sites, it is good for you. Grab the opportunity while it lasts.

Download Speed and Cost of Movie Download Sites

Are you anxious to find and use the very best movie download site? You should start searching for the one right now. It would be a tedious task you would do. That is because there are just too many of such Websites that are operating across the Internet today.

 As the number of people like you grows constantly, the number of membership sites that offer the service is also rising. This makes the market expand uncontrollably so that today, there seems to be a point of saturation. However, do not lose hope because you could still possibly hookup with the best.

Among the basic considerations you should take note of when finding and choosing the best movie download sites are download speeds and overall cost.

 These factors are important because they dictate whether you have made the right choice or not. It would also be disappointing on your part if your membership would not be worth your actual monetary investment. 

Deal with the download speed first and foremost. You could always check a Website’s download speed offering before signing up to its movie download service. 

You surely always aim to be able to retrieve, download, and play any movie download file in superb speed. There is no reason for you to settle with inferior ones. Make it your goal to find and deal with only the best.

You should also realize that most movie download sites are requiring additional payments to premium download speed. Logically, nothing is free anymore especially those that offer faster transfer and download speeds. 

Some sites offer faster download speeds if you would agree to pay additional costs, while others are more responsible by already including the feature in your membership prices. Remember that you would not always have the patience and time to wait forever just to download and play any movie download online.

There are cases when a site offers the fastest download speeds but your Internet connection or computer capacity just would not make it happen.

 It is also better if you would check your own PC’s specs before subscribing to movie download memberships. You certainly would not want to get frustration and disappointment on your membership.

Deal with the cost. Like most other consumers, your main issue should be finding services that are least costly compared to the rest in the industry. 

The best way to do so is to run an actual comparison shop. Get quotes first before deciding whether to take memberships on Websites. Take note that the most popular and trusted movie download sites are offering reasonable prices for premium services. 

Beware of cheap sites that are offering a bit lower charges because in the end, it could still be more practical taking the more costly, but higher quality ones. Check available options and compare basic features of movie download sites first before taking conclusions.

It would be best if you would first checkout available reviews for certain movie download sites long before you enlist in any membership. You should always remember that you would be paying for such services. 

Most Websites offer memberships with a lockup period. That means you could not easily get out of a membership until you have reached a specified length or membership period. The best antidote to this is being more careful and discerning when subscribing to movie download services.

Main Features of the Best Movie Download Websites

It is logical and practical that you find and choose the best, especially when it comes to movie download Websites. It is not good settling for those substandard services of most sites. As a paying member, you should aim to find practical value for your investment.

 Besides, you should not resort to getting another membership to another download site just because your original membership screws up. If you are aiming to find and choose the best, be guided by checking out the following usual features of the best movie download sites there are.

Fastest download speed – Of course you should strive to choose the site that offers the fastest download speed. You certainly do not have much time to spare for waiting minutes or even hours just to complete downloading of a single movie file.

 Check transfer and download speeds before finally deciding to take memberships on any movie download site. When you are paying a premium, it is just right that you demand premium service in return.

Reasonable cost – Reasonability does not always mean cheapness. Many cheap subscriptions and memberships offer nothing but inferior quality of downloads and services. 

Because you would be shedding out your hard-earned money, it would be wise if you would make sure you would be paying a practical cost for your subscription. Beware of sites that mislead people by claiming to offer the cheapest rates in the market. Most of them are offering inferior downloads.

DVD quality of movies – The best and most enjoyable movie downloads are those that are in high-definition or DVD quality. Nothing could be more. 

Make this your absolute requirement when looking for or considering different movie download sites. You would just be frustrated and disappointed getting memberships if the movies you download are of low quality. Remember, you are investing your money and time on this. 

Unlimited downloads – The best membership Websites are those that offer unlimited downloads. Some sites may offer very cheap membership but downloads per period is limited. Unlimited types are usually higher in costs than those. 

However, you surely would enjoy unlimited access and downloads. You could share your account with your family members. What could be more practical than that?

Large range of movie titles – When you aim to find the best, look for movie download sites’ movie portfolio. You certainly would want to tie up with those that offer the most movies per period.

 Of course, if you have a faster download speed and an unlimited access membership, why not settle for the site that has the most number of movie titles to offer?

 It surely would be nice to download and watch every movie you may think of at the spur of the moment. Do not settle with those sites that offer just several hundreds when there are competitors that offer thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Compatibility with different media players – It is not good to assume that all movie download Websites offer files that are naturally compatible with different mobile devices and media players.

 The worst scenario is when you get faster downloads, unlimited membership, and widest array of title but you eventually learn you could not download any to your iPod, PSP, or other movie-playing mobile or portable device. Do not miss out on this feature.

Korean Film Producers Turn to Movie Downloads

There is Korean invasion in the global entertainment industry. You may probably have been noticing that many Korean commercial films are enjoying global attention. Many of them are now being run in theaters not just in Asia but also in America and Europe. 

Many viewers are starting to establish an attachment and liking to such movies. To be able to reach more viewers, and of course, generate more income, Korean movie producers are now turning to movie downloads.

Back there in South Korea, the DVD industry has always been lackluster. Sales of DVDs has not been very impressive.

 It was this fact that opened the doors for movie downloading across the Internet. To cover losses of film producers from releasing DVD titles, they started offering their films to online consumers at least two months post theatrical runs. The movie downloads cost about a fraction of total DVD costs.

During the initial stage, the move proved to be viable and profitable. However, as years went by, it was not sufficient enough, especially when movie piracy broke out. Since then, Korean movie industry began sharing the sentiments of most other film producers around the world, especially those in Hollywood.

For the second half of 2009, most Korean film productions would introduce simultaneous showing of movies on theaters and online. This move would be noticeable particularly among film premieres. Movie downloads would already be available even if the film is still being shown in commercial theaters. This would be a first in Korean film history. It is also a pioneering move across the globe.

Not too many film producers are open to doing the same due to income issues. Thus, this Korean producers’ initiative would be monumental and would surely be monitored by all film production all around the world.

 Koreans would serve as a model that would serve as a case to prove that such innovations would surely work. In Hollywood and elsewhere, film outfits would not easily and openly jump into such an action because of logical fear to lose significant amounts of income.

A Japanese film producer is already set to follow suit. However, it admits it is all eyes and all ears into what the Korean movie download endeavor would end up with. Film productions are businesses.

 They also need to assess their viability and profitability before making significant moves. For sure, film outfits around the world would make the rounds to further study implications of releasing move downloads at the same time as commercial releases of movies.

Analysts are also yet to learn about technologies and concrete measures that would ensure prevention of piracy. The Internet is a much more open venue to film piracy. Thus, film producers would also take note of how Korean film producers would address such concerns.

It seems that the future of the movie industry is really reliant on the effectiveness and success of online movie downloads. The Internet is really a powerful media. 

In the future, there is also an unrelenting possibility that instead of going to commercial theaters, people would just rely on online movie downloading to watch movies. 

This is more possible these days because of the enhanced speed of broadband and the emergence of powerful and attractive home theater systems, which could also be connected to the Internet for online movie viewing.

Speed Up Movie Download Activities

If you are a great fan of movie downloads online, it surely is your predicament that most of the time it takes so much time to complete such a task. 
Downloading movies through the Internet should not be a problem if you are aware of specific techniques that could help you speed up your movie downloading activity.

 Did you know that you could make it faster even if you are using a nerve-wracking dial-up connection?

Here are specific guidelines that could help you bolster and speed up you movie downloading task. 

Follow the procedures and be surprised at how you could easily make it happen no matter what movie you want to download. Just be sure you are open to many suggestions to make the activity work better.
First, strategize when setting the timing of your movie download. The best time to find and download a file is right before you sleep at night.

 Whether you have a dial up or a broadband connection, do so especially if you do not have the patience to endure waiting minutes or hours. When you do so, you would be spared from all the rudiments of prolonged downloading. 

When you wake up in the morning, you would be surprised that the movie download tasks are all complete. This is often referred to as out of sight and out of mind technique.

The second procedure is to maximize your bandwidth. Try to download as many movies as you want at the same time. If you thought doing so could only make your online connection function worse, you are mistaken. 

In truth, downloading about four movies or more at the same time could speed up your online download speeds. For better results, you could also decide to mix this technique with the preceding procedure. See how it works and be surprised.

Third, choose to use the best Internet browser. If you are a big fan of Internet Explorer, you should learn to prefer Mozilla Firefox for movie downloads. 

You may not be aware but Firefox is the most recommended browser for downloading of online files. This is because it just functions faster and it is also integrated with necessary security features, so you could always make sure your PC is in good and safer condition.

 If you do not want to completely switch to Firefox for your other online activities, you could install IE and Firefox at the same time.

Then, optimize your windows setting to faster movie downloads. A computer program known as TCP Optimizer would be helpful in facilitating accurate and faster downloading of online movies into your PC. 

The program could optimize your download speed and tune up your online connection at the same time. TCP Optimizer would help you choose the best window for specific speed of connection. 

The TCP Optimizer comes with its own FAQ and user’s guide if you need further instructions.

Lastly, choosing the best movie download sites would be a good decision. To do so, look for the icon that says 300x faster on such Websites’ home page.

 The message means the site has its own accelerator to your download could be speedier and more reliable. Some sites just aim to spoon-feed their users and clients. Now, you should not have any problem with the speed of your movie downloads.

The Popularity of Movie Downloads

Are you a movie fanatic? I dont think I am, But I love films like Transformers, Gladiator, legend of the Seeker, Merlin and Many more  
It would be better if you would be able to download and watch your choice of movie anytime, anywhere. Online movie downloads have made it possible.

 Now, you could stay at home and go wherever you want to go without sacrificing your urge and need to watch movies. You could carry and watch your favorite titles through your laptop, your iPod, or other portable media players.

The popularity of movie downloads could never be underestimated. In fact, these days, more and more Internet users are hooked to downloading and watching movies online.

 This is the reason why most Websites and blogs are equipped with capabilities to play videos, whether short or full length.
There are also more Websites that are offering exclusives for movie downloading. You could easily pick one among those and instantly enjoy movie download services.

 The disadvantage is that you could experience confusion when aiming to choose the best from the pack. The advantage is that intense competition could help lower costs and bring out the very best services and features for consumers to enjoy.

Are you considering getting memberships to numerous movie download sites? You should do so if you want to make sure you could always get access to hundreds of titles. Memberships require payments of fees.

 There are options for limited memberships, wherein you could download a specific number of movies within a specified period. Unlimited options are for the movie addicts who want to always download and play movies all the time. Unlimited options are more popular despite being more premium priced.

What is good about movie downloads is that movies could be downloaded and transferred to any media player you use. As mentioned, files could be saved and retrieved through laptops, desktops, and even iPods and other portable MP4 and movie players.

 There is special software that could be used to facilitate such conversion. Do not worry because most of those necessary programs could be used and installed for free.

Who uses and enjoys movie downloads? This special computer feature is for everyone. Many teenagers and children are getting hooked to it. There are also adults and senior citizens who are starting to get used to downloading and watching movies online.

 Anyone could get into the habit as long as there is genuine interest and there is ample motivation to do so.
How many movies are available for download? The list is almost never ending. Every day, more and more titles are getting added to the currently long list. Movies are also not confined to English titles.

There are numerous foreign films that could also be downloaded. This makes movie downloading more popular across all cultures. Movie download Websites are topping each other to emerge as the best in the expanding industry. Thus, one facet of competition is the range and array of film portfolio. 

Do you need to download now? You could always do so. Get a membership to any of those legal movie download sites. Spare some dollars for subscription fees.

 Check the specs of your computer and make sure there is enough spare memory or space to accommodate files. What is good about movie downloads is that most of them are in MP4 format, which is compressed appropriately to consume minimal computer space.

Tips for Ensuring Safety on Movie Downloads

Going to the movie house to fall in line is now a thing of the not-so-distant past.

 The advent of the computer and the popularity of the Internet have made it possible for people to still enjoy movie while staying at home or going anywhere. 

If you want to store and retrieve films all the time, you should prefer online movie downloads.

You could purchase a movie DVD or CD if you want to watch a movie whenever you like. But if you want to save and retrieve movies without the disadvantage of taking rummage through piles of sections and movie titles. 

You could always find and download movies online anytime you want, wherever you are, as long as you have your computer with you and there is an Internet access.

Do you fear about the overall safety of your computer? You should be. According to experts, movie downloads are among the top carriers and disseminators of viruses, malwares, spywares, and other unnecessary programs.

 If you want to keep on enjoying movie downloads and ensure overall security of your computer, here are some guidelines that could help you do so.

First, you have to make sure you are a member of a legal movie download Website. Legal sites are regulated and are filtered, to make sure viruses are not disguised as files.

 It would be best if you would pay legal amounts to make sure you are completely protected. Membership sites collect premiums, but they are almost always safe and secured. They could be great investments.

Second, it is always best if you would install and use a potent and reliable antivirus program. You are not sure when files are infected with malicious software. To prevent possible virus infection, it is advisable that you run good and functional antivirus software. However, you should get used to experiencing reduced computer speed. 

Install special downloading software that could help avoid and eliminate immediate breaking of download processes. There are special programs that are available online. They are helpful in keeping downloads continuous and safe at the same time.

Are you aware that computer protection could also be facilitated by your choice and use of specific Web browsers? 

As a cardinal rule, Mozilla Firefox is the best in terms of computer security and safety. Its makers have designed it to also facilitate speedier downloads. In comparison, other popular Internet browsers are inferior to Firefox as long as safety and speed are concerned. 

Get used to using this browser for your safety. You could find it useful and enjoyable at the same time.

Lastly, be mindful and be cautious when choosing movie downloads. It would do more good if you would stay away from zipped movies. 

Those files should not be downloaded or saved in your computer. This is because most of them are actually fakes. Remember to opt downloading a single full-length film at the same time.

 Doing so would not only help ensure better quality of picture. Download is also highly secured.

Movie downloads could be safe and secure if you would be more careful. Remember to follow the mentioned guidelines and find yourself enjoying online downloads without getting threats from possible viruses and malicious software.

 Final reminder, patronize legal downloads. There is no sense buying and downloading pirated and fake movie downloads.

I Know What I Want To Do, But Will It Sell?

Yes, it can certainly be intimidating to make the decision to create an information product that you’re not sure will sell. Fortunately, market research can prevent this from happening.

As a business owner it’s important that you take advantage of market research, and be willing to invest your time, and possibly money, into doing it right. 

It’s the perfect way for you to learn about your customers and understand what they buy and why. The flip side is that if you don’t do market research, your may waste your time and financial
resources on something that could have been avoided.

As far as the cost that is associated with market research, it really depends on what type
of research you plan to do in order to answer the questions that you have. So it can be as
inexpensive or as costly as you need it to be.

4 Different Types of Market Research You Can Do

Surveys: This a widely used form of conducting market research for online products

because it is inexpensive (or free), and it can be sent out to your customers through email. If you opt to do a survey, make sure you keep the questions simple and don’t list more than 10. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of overwhelming them and taking up too much of their time. By keeping it short and sweet, your response rate is likely to be much better.

Online Research: By using a keyword research tool like wordtracker.com, you can find out how many people are looking for information on your topic. 

So if you were to type in “silk floral arrangements,” it will tell you exactly how many people are typing that keyword into the search engines. If a lot of people are looking for information on your topic, then it may be worth creating an information product based on it.

Experiment: Test your information product by giving out freebies. You can do this in the form of a free small report or e-course to test the waters before you create a large information product on your topic. 

Doing so will give you an idea of how many people are downloading your report or signing up for your free e-course. If it turns out to be wildly popular, then an in-depth information product will likely prove to be just as

Tracking: Software programs can tell you where your customers are going on your website, what they are doing, what they buy, and how long they stay.

 One way to use this method is to set up a category on your site with some information on your topic, and use your software program to find out how many people are going to that section and how long they are staying there. It will give you an idea of how much of your traffic is
interested in that topic.

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